Iridis Eye Primer

Anything that will make my clients eye makeup last through tears is a winner in my book and Iridis Cosmetics Eye Primer is most definitely a winner!

I’ve been loyal to Urban Decays Eye Primer Potion for years. You can read my review on that here. Seriously what’s not to love? So when I mentioned that to Peta-Gai the bright and sparkling-like-a-unicorn founder of Australian Brand Iridis Cosmetic, she decided to send me her primer to try out. And I have to say sorry PG, I was skeptical.

I was wrong! This is a totally fab product. crease-proof, water proof and fool proof… well nearly. Like all eye primers I have tried, you only need to use this sparingly. If you use too much it will look cakey. A little goes a really long way! I found it easiest to get a little on my ring finger and pat gently along the lash line until blended in. I also add a little just under the eye using a brush or cotton bud to push the product into the lash line. This will work wonders if your eyeliner tends to wander but again use sparingly. By their very nature, eye primers like this are dry and will highlight those under eye lines. Ain’t no one interested in that!

Again like all primers, including my long time loved Urban Decay, this colour is fab for most skin tones. It will brighten the eye area and neutralise that pinky/purple tint in the lids which makes us look tired. But for my clients with much darker skin tones,
Sri Lankan or Indian for example, with hyper pigmentation on the lids, it can look grey. Using a colour corrector underneath like BECCAs Backlight Targeted Correctors in Peach or Papaya may be a good fix but I would love to put in a request for a deeper tone.

This really is a super product that does exactly what it says it will and for $35 its not expensive. The packaging is mostly glass so easily recycled plus Iridis have a Loyalty Recycling Program. Return 6 containers and get a freebie of your choice up to $40! Hello! Awesome!! They are cruelty free, including sourcing their ingredients from cruelty free suppliers and mostly vegan with the exception of a little beeswax in lip products. PLUS they are Australian owned and made and run by two kick arse chicks right here in Melbourne! Winning!

I’ve decided that once my Urban Decay eye primer is finished in my kit I will replace it with a new Iridis Cosmetics one. But for now the kit will have to wait because this one is mine 🙂