BECCA Under Eye Brightening Corrector

I want to talk about bags. No not Gucci or Mimco. I’m talking about ones that seem to be permanently stored under your eyes.

Now I’m just going to get a little soap boxy here for a minute. For a small proportion of the population, under eye bags are a real and annoying thing. A constant puffiness that never seems to go away. Then there are the people with hyper pigmentation which is a fancy way of saying they have extra dark patches of skin. In both these cases the cause is mostly genetic and there really isn’t a whole lot you can do to produce lasting change. A cold compress or even haemorrhoid cream can temporarily ease puffiness in some people but the jury is still out if cucumber actually really does anything at all. Frustratingly not a great deal can be done for hyper pigmentation aside from cosmetic bleaching products and intense abrasive facials. But as soon as your skin sees just a tiny bit of sunlight it will start to come back again. Not great news I know. Just telling it like it is.
For everyone else here is your number one, true, tried and tested, absolutely guaranteed way to make those dark shadows under your eyes disappear…. Ready?

Move away from overhead lighting!! Shocking isn’t it?

Heres an anatomy lesson… it’s your eye socket. It’s round and curved and naturally creates a shadow any time the light source is not staring you down the nose. We can thank ring beauty lights and photoshop for perpetuating this crazy goal of not having any darkness under the eye. But it’s just not realistic. Where there is depth there is shadow. Also the skin under your eye is really quite thin so all the veins (blue/purple) and capillaries (red) show through and add to the appearance of those dreaded dark circles.
While there doesn’t appear to be much that can ‘cure’ us of this horrible affliction, the old standards of drinking more water, drinking less caffeine and alcohol and getting more sleep can go along way for a lot of people. And if that isn’t working there is always makeup.
Shadows and bags can be minimised with a concealer containing a little light reflection. I actually mix my concealer with my BECCA Shimmering Skin Perfector in Pearl or Opal which adds just the right amount of refection without looking glittery.
If dark circles are your bane then ‘Colour Correcting’ is the ‘new’ thing, except it’s not new. In fact it’s old. Really old! But while it is true that some colours do cancel other colours out, like blue and orange, it can be tricky to do right. Put yellow over purple veins and you get a cold grey colour which makes you look less sexy-bright-eyed-goddess and more, well, dead. And orange over blue veins on anyone not very dark, just looks odd. However for darker skin or hyper pigmentation, the red/orange concealers can really work really well. Everyone else, just look for something peachy. That said, I honestly believe that colour correcting is overkill for most people! A great skin tone matching concealer and an illuminator will often do the trick in less time and with far less hassle.
So I just got my hands on the Under Eye Brightening Corrector from BECCA and I’m just a little bit in love! It’s literally like you are walking around with a beauty light attached to your nose! It’s not a concealer though. It is a skin brightener that is designed to go under or over your concealer. Under your concealer, it’s light refection and soft peachy tone help to get rid of the dark shadows and conceal some of those purple/blue tones. Over your concealer it reflects light away from fine lines and circles which creates a soft diffusing effect. It is super creamy and I worried it would move but I dusted just a tiny smidge of powder over the top which set it before applying concealer over that. Best applied with your fingers or a damp sponge but make sure you do the old ‘press and roll’ rather than a ‘patting’ technique which will give you a smoother look.
If you want to get your hands on this or any BECCA products, go see my friend Kerrie at Gloss & Bone.

Disclaimer: I only review products I love and use. I am not paid in any way for my endorsement of either the product or the business mentioned in this post.