Booking Terms

All bookings are subject to these terms and conditions. Completion of my Booking Form and payment of the required deposit is acknowledgement that you have read and agree to these terms. If you have any questions please just ask here


As a freelance service provider my family relies on me being fully booked to provide a stable and more importantly, predictable income. The bulk of my income is derived from weddings and special events, which are booked many months in advance, and last minute cancelations usually means that I am unable to fill the time with a comparable booking. No booking means no income and this is why I charge a deposit that is non refundable within 3 months of your booking date.

In March 2020 the Covid-19 virus shut down Melbourne and all weddings and events were cancelled. With the uncertainty of what was to come next, and feeling awful for all of my clients who had to postpone their wedding day, I promptly refunded all deposits.

Looking forward I think it is fair to say that we are all very aware of the uncertainty of booking anything in to the future and for this reason I have updated my terms and conditions. Given the current circumstances I believe these terms to be fair. Please read them carefully and let me know if you have any questions before making a booking.

You can read my Covid-safe Plan HERE



These Booking Terms detail the terms under which I, Pippa Wise at The Makeup Chair agree to provide my services to you the Client.

Payment of the deposit is confirmation that you fully agree and abide by all of these Booking Terms.

All service prices, fees and these booking terms relate only to the services I provide to you. Any additional artist/s assisting with your booking are self employed contractors and set their own terms and fees.

I reserve the right to alter, change and update these Booking Terms at any time, and without notice for all future bookings not currently confirmed with a deposit.

These Booking Terms are current as of the 9th December 2020


A deposit is a payment to secure my services for your booking date.

No booking is secure until a deposit has been received into my bank account.

Studio Deposit – $30 per person

Mobile Deposit – 1- 4 Services = $100 / 5+ services = $200

A deposit is required to secure your quote and booking date. In the event your booking date is in less than 7 days, you will need to provide proof of payment via a bank receipt incase the funds do not appear in my account in time.

Deposits are fully redeemable 90 days or more before your booking date.

Bridal – If you feel more comfortable having a trial before paying a deposit, I recommend you pay the deposit to hold your wedding date and book your trial no less than 3 months before your wedding date. You can then request a full refund of the deposit if you decide not to go ahead with the booking. If you choose not to pay the deposit then the booking slot remains available to the first person who does make payment. Booking and payment of a trial does not secure your wedding date.

Deposits are subtracted from the booking total.

Quoted prices remain valid for 1 week. Prices are subject to change without notice so if you wish to lock in your quoted price you will be required to pay the deposit.


Studio – I accept payment by either Cash or Bank Transfers for the remainder of your booking total.

Cash payments must be the correct amount, no change will given.

Mobile – Bookings must be paid in full 14 days before your booking date via Bank Transfer.

Proof of payment via a bank receipt must be provided for all Bank Transfers less than 7 days before your booking date.

The person named as the client on the booking form is wholly responsible for ensuring all monies owed are paid when due.

=> 90 Days Before Booking+ 90 Days Before Bookings
Deposit is fully refundableDeposit is non refundable

Deposits are fully refundable if you cancel 90 days or more before the booking date.

Deposits are NOT REFUNDABLE if you cancel less than 90 days before the booking date.

In the event that part of the booking is cancelled, and the booking is in 30 days or less and has been confirmed with a deposit, the service/s may be transferred to another person for the original booking day and same location only or 50% of the quoted price of those services will be forfeited.

If your event is cancelled or postponed for reasons beyond your control, you may request to use your deposit for a future booking within 18 months of your original booking date, subject to my availability and future service charge increases.

In the event that myself, or any artist/s I have contracted to assist with your booking, are unable to complete the booking due to sickness, family emergency, are required to isolate due to Covid-19 or any other extenuating circumstance, and I can not arrange another stylist to cover your event, all monies paid by you up to that point will be fully refunded. While I will endeavour to recommend suitable replacements, you agree to not hold myself and/or my contracted stylists liable for any additional costs or damages incurred by you due to the cancellation including but not limited to additional costs to book a replacement stylist.


A trial is recommended for all brides. Trials are available but not essential for the rest of the bridal party or any other event. Please do not book a trial without confirming that I have availability for your main event first.


My mobile prices include travel within 20km of Doncaster. For distances more than 20km a travel fee of $1 per km from Doncaster will be applied. Travel fees for any subcontracted artist/s assisting with your booking are subject to their own rates and conditions.


Parking for each stylist is to be arranged for bookings within the CBD, or where parking is restricted, either at your hotel or pay the parking fee of the nearest parking facility. Please be aware that some parking centres in the CBD can charge ridiculous fees which is out of our control. Bookings at Crown Towers and Crown Promenade can either choose Valet Parking or Basement Parking. The Multi-Level car park is not an option due to the distance required to carry the equipment needed for your booking. This is an OH&S issue for mobile artists. Requesting an artist to move their car during a booking to avoid fees is not permitted.


For larger groups or where an additional artist/s would be beneficial, I have a carefully curated network of talented and reliable freelance hair and makeup artists I can call on to assist. I am more than happy to secure their services on your behalf.

If an assistant is requested or required I will make enquiries on your behalf to determine availability, negotiate costs and present you with available options. Once you are happy to go ahead I will secure their services and manage the booking for you.

  1. Assistant Fees dependant on the artist available for your booking.
  2. Early Start Fee $25 per 15min before 7am per artist
  3. Public Holiday Surcharge +15%
  4. Late/Overtime Fees $25 per 15min
  5. Touchup Service price on asking
  6. Accommodation is required for locations greater than 150km from Doncaster

I and/or my contracted stylist/s have a right to work in a healthy and safe environment and it is up to you, the client, to ensure that environment. Please make sure that the area we will work in is; clean and tidy; free from tripping hazards; has safe access to electricity and fresh running water; is smoke free; is temperature controlled or has access to fresh air; has adequate light; is smoke free; is free from intimidating, violent, or threatening behaviour.

In the event that any of the above conditions are not met and I or my contracted artist/s do not feel safe in the environment, we reserve the right to stop all work until the issue is rectified.


In order to provide you with a service I will request your personal information. You can view my Privacy Policy HERE


Upon agreeing to the terms in this contract and paying the deposit you agree that I or The Makeup Chair will not be held personally accountable for any loss or damage incurred either directly or indirectly from booking any of my sub-contracted artist/s for your event. This includes but is not limited to; injury to persons including the client, their acquaintances, family or guests, other vendors or any other person whether that person is part of the booking or not; damage to property belonging to the client, their acquaintances, family or guests, other vendors or any other person whether that person is part of the booking or not or the location where the booking is taking place.

It is the clients responsibility to inform me or my sub-contracted artist/s of any potential issues that could arise from previous allergies or reactions to known or unknown products or ingredients. If there is any concern or doubt about any product or ingredient the client must book in for a patch test no less than 24hrs before the booking.