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I know that reading booking terms & conditions are a big snooze fest!! BUT… they are important so please have a read and if you have any questions please just ask here

Booking Terms and Conditions

1.1 These Booking Terms and Conditions detail the terms and conditions under which I, Pippa Wise, The Makeup Chair and my contracted stylists will provide our services to you the Client.
1.2  Payment of the deposit is confirmation that you fully agree and abide by all of our Booking Terms & Conditions. The Makeup Chair reserves the right to alter these Booking Terms and Conditions and will notify our clients of any changes in writing.
1.3 These Booking Terms and Conditions are current as of January 2019

2.1 ** No booking is secure until a deposit has been received into The Makeup Chair bank account **
2.2  I require a 30% deposit to secure your quote and booking date.
2.3  Deposits are fully redeemable up to 3 months before your booking date.
2.4  I completely understand that you may prefer to have your trial before paying a deposit. I will not hold any date without a deposit so strongly recommend you pay the deposit for your wedding day and book your trial with me no less than 3 months before your wedding date so you can request a full refund if you decide not to go ahead with the booking. If you choose not to pay the deposit then the booking slot is available to the first person who does make payment.
2.5  Deposits are subtracted from the final total.
2.6  Quoted prices remain valid for 1 week. Prices are subject to change without notice so if you wish to lock in your quoted price you will be required to pay the deposit.

3.1 All bookings require a 30% deposit to secure the booking with the balance payable 14 days before your booking date.
3.2  In the event payment has not been received in full 14 days before, the booking may be cancelled and the time slot  opened to other bookings. Please let me know if you are having any difficulties making payment.
3.3 The person named as the client on the booking form is wholly responsible to ensure all monies owed are paid when due.

4.1  Cancellations more than 3 months (90+ days) before the booking date – Deposits are fully refundable.
4.3  Cancellations less than 3 months (89- days) before the booking date – DEPOSITS ARE NOT REFUNDABLE
4.4 There are NO REFUNDS of the deposit or any other money paid within 14 days of the booking date.
4.5 In instances where part of the booking is cancelled or changed (eg. A member of your group originally booked to have their hair and/or makeup styled by me then chooses to do their own hair and/or makeup) If these changes occur AFTER the booking has been confirmed with a deposit and WITHIN 30 days of the booking date, a 50% cancellation fee on the quoted price of those services cancelled will apply. You can transfer the service to another person for the original booking day only.
4.6 In the unlikely event that The Makeup Chair or your booked stylist/s needs to cancel your booking due to extreme sickness, family emergency or other extenuating circumstance, and we do not have another stylist available to cover your event, all monies paid by you up to that point will be fully refunded. While we will endeavour to recommend suitable replacements you agree to not hold The Makeup Chair and/or our contracted stylists liable for any additional costs incurred by you due to the cancellation including but not limited to additional costs to book a replacement stylist.


A trial is recommended for all brides. Trials are available but not essential for the rest of the bridal party or any other event. Please do not book a trial without confirming that The Makeup Chair is available for your main event first.

6.1  My prices include travel within my normal travel range of 30km from Doncaster.
6.2  For bookings outside of my normal travel range, a travel fee of $1 per km from Doncaster (one way) will be applied.
6.3 Travel fees are applicable per artist booked for all other areas and toll fees may be included.

7.1 For bookings within the CBD or where parking is restricted you will need to either arrange parking for each stylist booked at your hotel or pay the parking fee of the next closest parking facility. Please be aware that some parking centres in the CBD can charge ridiculous fees which is out of our control. Bookings at Crown Towers and Crown Promenade can either choose Valet Parking or Basement Parking. The Multi-Level car park is not an option due to the distance required to carry the equipment needed for your booking. This is an OH&S issue for mobile  artists.
7.2 Requiring an artist to move their car to avoid fees during the booking is not permitted.

8.1 Assistants –  For bookings of 8 or more services a second stylist will be arranged to assist but you may request additional stylists for less services to reduce the booking time. $50 per stylist.
8.2 Early Start – $25 per 15min before 7am per artist
8.3 Public Holiday Surcharge – +15%
8.4 Late Fees/Overtime – $25 per 15min
8.5 Touchup Service – POA
8.6 Accommodation – Accommodation is required for locations greater than 150km from Doncaster.

In order to provide you with a service The Makeup Chair will request your personal information. All details collected are for the sole purpose of providing a service to you. We take your privacy seriously and will not divulge or discuss any details regarding your booking or your personal details with anyone not directly connected with your booking. After the booking has concluded all booking details along with your contact details will be kept securely for a maximum of three (3) years in accordance with Australian taxation requirements and then destroyed.

When booking The Makeup Chair and our stylists you are doing so at your own risk. By paying the deposit and agreeing to the terms in this contract you agree that The Makeup Chair and their contracted stylists can not be held accountable for any loss or damage incurred either directly or indirectly from booking us for your event. This includes but is not limited to
10.1 Accidental damage to property including but not limited to

  • property belonging to the client, any of their friends, family or guests whether that person is part of the booking or not
  • property belonging to the location that the booking is taking place at.

10.2 Accidental injury to persons including but not limited to

  • Injury resulting from the use of tools and equipment required for the booking
  • injury to the client, any of their friends, family or guests whether that person is part of the booking or not
  • property belonging to the location that the booking is taking place at.

Any other loss or damage incurred by circumstances outside of our control.
10.3 It is the clients responsibility to inform the stylist of any potential issues that could arise from previous allergies or known reactions to products or ingredients.

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